This poem was originally written last year in 2020, when I was taking a class called “Writing as Experiment” with poet Prof. Franny Choi. It was published with other poems in the chapbook I wrote, feel it all, which was shared with my classmates but never posted publicly. In the…

Protesters hold placards during a ‘Stop Asian Hate’ rally in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 20, days after deadly shootings at three local spas [Shannon Stapleton/Reuters]. Taken from Al Jazeera.

I would like to acknowledge that I am a Black woman living in a visibly Black body, and I do not claim to know the experiences of those in the AAPI community. I am not personally a part of the AAPI community, but I aim to be an ally to…

Toni Wilson

Toni Wilson (she/her) is a self-proclaimed writer from New York who is ready to share her words, however they come out.

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